What is the history of mining in South Africa?

South Africa relies on its mining industry to keep its economy going and strong and on relevant news sources like Mining News to inform people about the mining conditions .  Mining really got going in South Africa in the eighteen hundreds with the discovery of a diamond in the vicinity of the Orange River.  After that diamonds were discovered in the Kimberley area and the mining industry just exploded from then on.  The people of those days started on journeys which were called gold rushes as soon as this mineral was discovered in the Witwatersrand area.  South Africa’s mining was the most profitable in the world for quite a few years running.  But considering that the resources are becoming depleted by the day, the country’s ranking is also sinking in the world standings.

Because of the extreme gold rushes of history, there were many foreigners also taking part in the wealth of South Africa back then.  Eventually this led to friction between nations and culminated in the Anglo Boer War.  This was a dark period in South African history, but it is good to learn from the mistakes that were made so that they are not repeated.  Gold mining became a very large part of the growing economy in South Africa in the twentieth century and continued to expand as the years went by.

As it stands today, mining accounts for almost a quarter of South Africa’s GDP.  South Africa also has a proudly South African company that is one of the world leaders in diamond mining and production.  This company is known as De Beers. They are the largest producer of diamonds in Africa.  South Africa is not only well known for their gold and diamond mines, but also their coal and platinum mines.

Mining conditions have improved a lot since the early days of history, but some of the mines could still do a lot to improve their working conditions and safety measures.  Unfortunately South Africa resources have got some of the most unsafe mines in the world and many deaths occur there annually. On a lighter note, the government is taking steps to ensure safer mining environments in SA.